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Climate Reanalyzer provides an easy way for visualizing an array of climate and weather information sets. Sean Birkel, Research Assistant Professor, Climate Change Institute, Maine State Climatologist

The goal of the Climate Reanalyzer is to make key climate information – models and station data – readily available to everyone.

  • Fore perspective on climate and weather changes since the late 1800s, plot map and timeseries from climate reanalysis models.
  • View daily station data from the Global Historical Climatology Network. Do you wonder how the current weather compares to the long-term average?
  • Visit the daily-updated Global Weather overview to see animations of current seven-day and U.S. Regional 48-hour weather forecasts.

The Climate Reanalyzer Globe

Climate Reanalyzer is a platform for visualizing a wide array of climate and weather datasets and models. Climate and weather information are integrated because the two systems are connected: climate is average weather.

The Climate Reanalyzer aims to make data easiy accessible by anyone. The Reanlayzer’s simple, intuitive interfaces are provided form plotting maps, period differences and timeseries.

Climate content includes daily and monthly reanalysis, gridded surface observations, and historical station data. Weather content includes forecasts at hour and 3-hour intervals for two to seven days. Meteorological variables include temperature, precipitation, wind and pressure, among others.

The most visited page on the site is “Today’s Weather,” which shows the current foretasted conditions across the globe. This is a good place to see how air and sea-surface temperatures depart each day from the long-term average.