Climate on Tap

Tales of UMaine’s Climate Change Institute

This informal series shares a more intimate view of the Climate Change Institute and its research, from Maine’s coastal landscapes and inland forests to the world’s highest peaks, to remote glaciers and lake basins, to historic and more ancient archaeological sites around the world.  Come have a bite, sip a drink, and hear the human stories that shape, or are shaped by, these experiences.

  • Dr. Gregory Zaro, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Climate Change –  Surviving Change:  The Persistence of a 3,000-yr-old City – Oct. 18, 2023

  • Dr. Dan Dixon, Sustainability Director & Research Associate Professor – Putting Science on Ice:  A Journey through the Antarctic Polar Desert – Nov. 15, 2023

  • Dr. Jacquelyn Gill, Associate Professor of Paleoecology and Plant Ecology – ICE AGE CSI – How Mammoth Dung, Permafrost Mummies, and Tiny Fossils are Solving an Ancient Murder Mystery – Dec. 13, 2023

  • Dr. Cindy Isenhour, Professor of Anthropology & Climate Change & Dr. Nicholas Micinski, Assistant Professor of Political Science & International Affairs – The UN Climate Negotiations – Headlines, Headwinds, and Headscratchers from COP28 – Jan. 31, 2024

  • Dr. Sean Birkel, Assistant Extension Professor & Maine State Climatologist & Dr. Kirk Maasch, Professor of Earth Sciences, Climate Change Institute – A Frozen Penobscot Bay and Other Musing from Maine’s Climate Archives – Feb. 28, 2024

  • Dr. Paul Andrew Mayewski, Professor & Director, Climate Change Institute – Journey into Climate – Mar. 27, 2024.