Expeditions 2018

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COP24 Katowice, Poland

Date:  December 2-14, 2018.  Delegation Members:   Jamie Haverkamp, Will Kochtitzky,  Anna McGinn, Cindy Isenhour, Dan Dixon, Jim Settele, Alex Rezk Expedition Funding Acknowledgement:  Dan & Betty Exploration Fund, Climate Change Institute, SPIA, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Events and Experiences Fund, National Science Foundation GRFP: DGE-1144205, University of Maine Graduate Student […]

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Paddling out on Sargent Lake.

Predicting the Sensitivity of Boreal Lake Ecosystems to Climate Change

Expedition Date: August 26 – September 2, 2018 Field Team Members: Carl Tugend (CCI), Mark Edlund & Adam Heathcote (St Croix Watershed Research Station), Charles Umbanhowar (St Olaf College) Expedition Funding Acknowledgement: National Park Service PMIS #160929 Expedition Report:  Multiple lines of evidence suggest that wilderness boreal lakes are rapidly changing, with unprecedented appearances of […]

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Frozen Arctic Lakes as Biogeochemical Hotspots

Expedition Dates: April 12-20, 2018 and June 18-July 9, 2018 Field Team Members/Affiliations: Jasmine Saros, Ben Burpee, Robert Northington (Husson University), Jim Almendinger (St Croix Watershed Research Station) Expedition Funding Acknowledgement: UMaine Expedition Report: This project employs sensor-based and direct monitoring of Arctic lakes in the Kangerlussuaq area of West Greenland to examine under ice […]

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Virtually Reconstructing the Ostra Collecting Site, Peru

Expedition Date: August 2018 Field Team Members:  Dan Sandweiss 1,2, Cecilia Mauricio 3, Paul Roscoe 1,2,  Alice Kelley 1,2,4, Emily Blackwood1,2, Gloria Lopez5, and James Munch. 1Climate Change Institute, 2Anthropology Department, 3Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú,  4School of Earth & Climate Sciences, 5CENIEH Expedition Funding Acknowledgement: Churchill Expedition Fund and University of Maine College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office Expedition […]

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NCGCP Group Photo.

A Brief Summary of and Takeaways from the North Cascades Glacier Climate Project

Expedition Date:  August 2018 Field Team Members:  Erin McConnell, Mariama Dryak, Jill Pelto, and Mauri Pelto Expedition Funding Acknowledgement:  North Cascade Glacier Climate Project Expedition Report:  As our small group reached the highest point in our hike, the mist that had blanketed us at the onset of the hike trailed away, opening our view to […]

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Pulling up sediment corer from Beauty Lake.

Paleolimnological assessment of high-elevation lakes exceeding critical loads of nitrogen deposition across the Greater Yellowstone Area

Expedition Date: August 2-23, 2018 Field Team Members: Jasmine Saros, Ben Burpee, Kate Warner, Leora Nanus & Julian Loguidici (San Francisco State University) Expedition Funding Acknowledgement: US Forest Service Agreement 18-CS-11040300-051 Expedition Report: This project is building on recent work by the investigators that evaluated the spatial variation of atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition and developed […]

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Weather Station

Calibrating Ice Core, Weather Station, and NASA MODIS Ice Surface Temperature Records to Analyze Atmospheric Variability in the St. Elias, Yukon, Canada

Expedition Date: June – August 2018 Field Team Members:  Erin McConnell, Karl Kreutz, and Seth Campbell Expedition Funding:  Dan & Betty Churchill Exploration Fund Expedition Report: The North Pacific is characterized by complicated atmospheric dynamics, which must be understood to predict the region’s response to a warming climate. Glaciers in the St. Elias Mountains of […]

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Inspecting Ice Coring Equipment.

Maine Treeline Project: Coring at Chimney Pond, Baxter State Park, Maine

Expedition Dates: March 6-10, 2018 Field Team Members:  Caitlin McDonough MacKenzie (CCI), Dulcinea Groff (CCI), Kit Hamley (CCI), and Karen James Expedition Funding Acknowledgement:  David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship Acknowledgement:  Baxter State Park Expedition Report: Topographically complex landscapes in the northeastern U.S. harbor conservation legacies and regionally unique plant populations. Baxter State Park’s mountain habitats […]

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Understanding Alpine Climate in Denali National Park

Expedition Date: JUNE 2018 Field Team Members:  Dominic Winski 1, 2, Bess Koffman3, Julianne DeAngelo 2,  Victor Cabrera 2, Eleanor Dowd2, Meg Yoder3, and Taylor Methven3. 1. Climate Change Institute, 2. Dartmouth College, 3. Colby College . Expedition Funding Acknowledgement:  Various sources of internal scholarship and research funding from Dartmouth and Colby College. Acknowledgement:  This […]

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Gloria in tent observed by Alice Kelley

Assessing Early Warfare at the Ostra Collecting Station, Peru

Expedition Date: AUGUST 2018 Field Team Members:  Dan Sandweiss 1, 2, Cecilia Mauricio 3, Paul Roscoe 1,2,  Alice Kelley 1,2,4, Emily Blackwood2, Gloria Lopez5, and James Munch. 1. Climate Change Institute, 2. Anthropology Department, 3.  Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú  4. School of Earth & Climate Sciences, 5. CENIEH   Expedition Funding:  University of Maine […]

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