CCI faculty research receives international media mentions

As reported by UMaine’s news service, UMaine climatologist and CCI faculty member Gordon Hamilton’s recent excursion to Greenland has received significant international media coverage. International networks including CNN, ABC (Australia), and many others have covered Gordon’s recent work.

From an interview with ABC (Australia):

Well I guess the major change is that the glaciers haven’t really returned to normal. They’ve continued to flow at extremely fast speeds, maybe not quite as fast as they were in 2005. 

But you know a lot of glaciologists would have thought that it was just a very short lived event and that after a year or two these glaciers would return to normal. So that’s very surprising that after four years we still see these glaciers moving along at an extremely fast speed and have not returned to normal.

A video report which aired on CNN:

Embedded video from CNN Video