Václava Hazuková

Office Location: 206B Sawyer Environmental Research Building, University of Maine, Orono, Maine 04469

Advisor:  Dr. Jasmine Saros

Biographical Statement:

As an undergraduate in the Phycology Lab at the University of South Bohemia, I investigated diversity patterns and seasonal shifts of algal communities in shallow fish ponds in Czech Republic. Upon finishing my degree, I followed Dr. Jeff Johansen to John Carroll University in Ohio for my Master studies. From studying whole algal communities, I narrowed my focus toward diatoms and used their potential for bioindication to develop a metric for water quality assessment of Lake Erie.


Research Area:

During my PhD, I would like to return back to algal community ecology and further study what can algal assemblages tell us about changing lake ecosystems. More specifically, I will focus on under-ice algal dynamics and its effect on further seasonal development in Greenland lakes.