Seth Campbell

Address: 5790 Bryand Global Sciences Center, University of Maine


I’m an Associate Professor working on several federally funded grants with colleagues from the University of Maine and other institutions. I am also the Director of Academics & Research for the Juneau Icefield Research Program, the longest operating polar research and training program for undergraduate students in North America. Over the past decade, I have conducted glaciology, geology, and near surface geophysics research using a range of observational and numerical methods. I have broad interests in the cryosphere with an expertise in applying ground-penetrating radar to glaciological, periglacial, and glacial geology studies. I have participated in over 50 field expeditions for research in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, South America, Antarctica, and the continuous United States.

Research Area:

My current funded research projects are focused on 1) studying the dynamics of ice core sites in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and Alaska, 2) studying the stability and history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and surrounding ice shelves.