Sarah Ebel

A2C2 IGERT Graduate Fellow

Affiliation: Department of Anthropology  ∴  Anthropology and Environmental Policy Program


Sarah is in her third year in the Anthropology and Environmental Policy Ph.D. program and second year as a National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Graduate Fellow in the Adaptation to Abrupt Climate Change (A2C2) Program. Her interests focus on how fishermen act collectively at local, regional and national scales to contest the constraints of fisheries policy to redefine power and regain access to resources in Chile’s Territorial User Rights in Fisheries management system. Her research is located in the 10th region of Chile where fishermen’s livelihoods are threatened by environmental change, pollution, and large-scale fin-fish farming. Her hope is that understanding the constraints of environmental policy and how fishers act collectively to create change can influence the formation of ecologically and socially appropriate fisheries policy.


Fisheries and abrupt climate change