Mariusz Potocki

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Address: 208 Sawyer Environmental Research Center, Orono, ME 04469


Dr. MARIUSZ POTOCKI is a glaciochemist and researcher at the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. He has participated in over 25 research expeditions around the world to recover ice cores that shed light on the changing climate. Throughout his scientific career, he has had the opportunity to cooperate with several international teams of experienced specialists and led expeditions to the Peruvian Andes and South Georgia. His research spans multiple continents, remote polar and high mountain regions of the planet, focusing on the impact of climate change on ecosystems and the human impact on climate and the environment. His main research interest is in the use of ice core records as proxies for changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere using state-of-the-art high and ultra-high-resolution analytical methods. He has authored and co-authored ~30 peer-reviewed papers.

Recently, he participated in the National Geographic and Rolex Perpetual Planet Everest Expedition, where he and Sherpa colleagues collected the highest-elevation ice core ever recovered (8,020 m). As a field scientist, he is always guided by a respect for research, safety, the local inhabitants, and their culture.

Aside from his scientific pursuits, when possible during expeditions, Potocki also documents the beauty of landscapes and the natural environment. His photographs have won numerous awards across international contests. As an avid mountaineer, spelunker, and diver, he aims to share the spectacular beauty of remote destinations through his unique and artistic photographs.

A video highlighting ice coring on Mt. Everest: