Mariusz Potocki

Research Assistant

Address: 208 Sawyer Environmental Research Center, Orono, ME 04469

Research Area:

Having obtained a Master’s degree in physical geography, I have become specialized in glaciology. My interest in this branch of science dates back to the time of working on Alpine glaciers in Europe. As a next step in my scientific carrer I took part in two Polish Antarctic expeditions to King George Island, South Shetlands, where during 18 months I got involved in work that focused on glacier morphology and cartography of glacial landforms, as well as rate of movement and rates of deglaciation in the frontal and the accumulation zone. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD degree at the Climate Change Insitute. I am fascinated with the application of the state of the art analytical methods that enable us to use ice core records as proxies for the changing chemical composition of the atmopshere on geological time scales. In my dissertation work I consider focusing on the Antarctic Peninsula region – one of the most rapidly-changing regions on Earth.