Jessica Scheick


Dr. Jessica Scheick is a glaciologist and lifelong lover of snow, winter, and the outdoors. She earned her PhD from the University of Maine, where she worked on international, interdisciplinary teams on a variety of projects related to climate change science and adaptation. Her dissertation research focused on icebergs as tools to learn more about the ice-ocean environment. Prior to her graduate research, Jessica worked as an environmental consultant conducting remedial investigations in groundwater and surface water systems. She earned her AB from Bryn Mawr College in mathematics and geology, where her academic interests in water, climate, and glaciers blossomed. You can often find Jessica encouraging people to make positive life changes (for themselves and the environment) and, as conditions permit, dancing, hiking, and/or Nordic skiing.


CCI Research:

My research has dual foci. My glaciological research focuses on improving our understanding of glacier dynamics (the physics governing how glaciers flow) and ice-ocean interactions (where glaciers that funnel ice from the interior of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets meet the ocean). To do this, I use a combination of field observations and remote sensing datasets. I also develop and apply novel, remote sensing-based methods to use icebergs as a tool for ice-ocean investigations. More broadly, my research emphasizes the development and implementation of open-source computational tools that enable cryospheric scientists to take advantage of high-performance computing and big data analysis workflows without a significant need to also become software developers.