Jessica Scheick

A2C2 IGERT Graduate Fellow

Address: 300D Bryand Global Sciences Center, Orono, ME 04469


I’m currently finishing up my PhD in glaciology. When I’m not in the office, I can usually be found doing something outside, hanging out with friends, or encouraging people to care for the environment in whatever ways they can.

Research Area:

My research focuses on ice-ocean interactions, or where glaciers that funnel ice from the interior of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets meet the ocean. Although I love to conduct field research, my dissertation focuses on the development of novel methods to study ice-ocean interactions using satellite images (i.e. remote sensing). Specifically, I look at icebergs (pieces of ice that break off of the ends of glaciers into the ocean) – their size, location, and movements over time – to better understand the forces acting on them and the environment they are in. I do this through a combination of manual inspection of imagery as well as the creation of computer programs that will generate datasets from a large number of images automatically. I am also very interested in glacier dynamics, or the flow of glacial ice, and what causes it to change through time.