Jeff Thaler


Jeff Thaler is the Visiting Professor of Energy Policy, Law & Ethics at the University of Maine and Visiting Associate Professor of Law at the University of Maine School of Law. He is also Assistant University Counsel for environmental, energy, and sustainability projects. Professor Thaler has been permitting counsel for on-and off-shore wind projects and hydro power and wood-to-biofuel facilities, as well as many other commercial development projects; he continues as the attorney for UMaine’s DeepCwind floating deepwater wind projects, and a landfill gas project. Professor Thaler is the author of Fiddling as the World Burns: How Climate Change Urgently Requires a Paradigm Shift in the Permitting of Renewable Energy Projects, 42 ENVTL. L. 1101 (2012), and the lead author of The Maine Environmental Handbook and the recent LexisNexis Treatise, Treatment of Greenhouse Gases Under the National Environmental Policy Act. With Professor Paul Mayewski, Prof. Thaler is a co-founder of the Arctic Futures Institute.

Research Area:

Renewable energy law and technology, climate change law and policy, administrative law, legislative and regulatory law, public trust doctrine.