Abigail Mann

Address:  Department of Anthropology, 5773 South Stevens Hall, Orono, Maine, 04469 and TRIO Student Support Services, 107 East Annex, Orono, Maine, 04469

Advisor:  Dr. Bonnie Dawn Newsom

Biographical Statement:

Since 2012, I have worked in land use management and geospatial data applications in New England, specifically Maine. In addition to assisting licensed appraisers and foresters with their research and reporting, I have coauthored market studies and produced maps and geospatial information for property damage studies utilized by various entities, including the USFWS, USDOI, and utility companies.


Research Area:

I am a new graduate student in the M.Sc. in Quaternary & Climate Studies program. My research interests are focused on prehistoric human adaptation and resource use in response to climatic changes in Maine and the Canadian Maritimes.