National Geographic Society Early Career Grant awarded to Dr. Katherine Glover

Dr. Katherine Glover, a postdoctoral research associate at the Climate Change Institute, is the recipient of an Early Career Grant from the National Geographic Society. The grant will support coring fieldwork and educational materials for a new project in the Upper Midwest entitled “Biogeography of the Grand Kankakee Marsh, Northern Indiana, U.S. over the past […]

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COP24 Logo

COP24 Katowice, Poland

Date:  December 2-14, 2018.  Delegation Members:   Jamie Haverkamp, Will Kochtitzky,  Anna McGinn, Cindy Isenhour, Dan Dixon, Jim Settele, Alex Rezk Expedition Funding Acknowledgement:  Dan & Betty Exploration Fund, Climate Change Institute, SPIA, Department of Anthropology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Events and Experiences Fund, National Science Foundation GRFP: DGE-1144205, University of Maine Graduate Student […]

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Mayewski speaker at National Geographic Explorers Festival

Paul Mayewski, Distinguished Maine Professor in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences and director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine, was a speaker in a panel discussion at the National Geographic Explorers Festival in London 2019 on Feb. 12. The panel focused on high mountain research in the face of […]

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Paddling out on Sargent Lake.

Predicting the Sensitivity of Boreal Lake Ecosystems to Climate Change

Expedition Date: August 26 – September 2, 2018 Field Team Members: Carl Tugend (CCI), Mark Edlund & Adam Heathcote (St Croix Watershed Research Station), Charles Umbanhowar (St Olaf College) Expedition Funding Acknowledgement: National Park Service PMIS #160929 Expedition Report:  Multiple lines of evidence suggest that wilderness boreal lakes are rapidly changing, with unprecedented appearances of […]

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Frozen Arctic Lakes as Biogeochemical Hotspots

Expedition Dates: April 12-20, 2018 and June 18-July 9, 2018 Field Team Members/Affiliations: Jasmine Saros, Ben Burpee, Robert Northington (Husson University), Jim Almendinger (St Croix Watershed Research Station) Expedition Funding Acknowledgement: UMaine Expedition Report: This project employs sensor-based and direct monitoring of Arctic lakes in the Kangerlussuaq area of West Greenland to examine under ice […]

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BDN publishes op-ed by Mayewski on Green New Deal

The Bangor Daily News published an opinion piece by Paul Mayewski, Distinguished Maine Professor in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences and director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. The piece is titled, “Green New Deal offers a possible route to conquer climate change.”  

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Virtually Reconstructing the Ostra Collecting Site, Peru

Expedition Date: August 2018 Field Team Members:  Dan Sandweiss 1,2, Cecilia Mauricio 3, Paul Roscoe 1,2,  Alice Kelley 1,2,4, Emily Blackwood1,2, Gloria Lopez5, and James Munch. 1Climate Change Institute, 2Anthropology Department, 3Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú,  4School of Earth & Climate Sciences, 5CENIEH Expedition Funding Acknowledgement: Churchill Expedition Fund and University of Maine College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office Expedition […]

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NCGCP Group Photo.

A Brief Summary of and Takeaways from the North Cascades Glacier Climate Project

Expedition Date:  August 2018 Field Team Members:  Erin McConnell, Mariama Dryak, Jill Pelto, and Mauri Pelto Expedition Funding Acknowledgement:  North Cascade Glacier Climate Project Expedition Report:  As our small group reached the highest point in our hike, the mist that had blanketed us at the onset of the hike trailed away, opening our view to […]

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