Thesis Proposal Defense – Hanna Brooks

Thesis Proposal Defense Hanna Brooks Assessing long range aerosol transport in the North Pacific on seasonal to millennial time scales Thursday, June 24th at 2 pm Password: 939847

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UMaine researchers study how changing rainfall patterns could affect strawberries

University of Maine researchers are studying how changes in rainfall patterns caused by climate change could affect strawberries in the Northeast. Principal investigator Rachel Schattman, an assistant professor of sustainable agriculture, and her research team built a precipitation and cropping simulator to assess the effects of four possible rainfall scenarios on strawberries and other specialty […]

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Ground-penetrating radar being used on Ruth Glacier in Denali National Park.

CCI scientists provide resources to educate Maine youth about climate change

Colleagues at the Climate Change Institute are collaborating to strengthen climate education for youth in grades 5–12 in Maine. CCI faculty and staff have created the Climate Education Resources webpage to provide educators with a variety of informative materials in one place. The resources are grouped within five themes — Climate Synthesis & Overview, Climate […]

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Laconia Daily Sun interviews Sorg about forensic anthropology

The Laconia Daily Sun interviewed Marcella Sorg, about her work as a forensic anthropologist for Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island. “I enjoy problem solving, each case is unique,” said Sorg, a University of Maine research professor at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center who also works with the Climate Change Institute. “I think […]

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UMaine, UMF partner to build circular food system research team, address food waste

Researchers at the University of Maine and the University of Maine Farmington (UMF) have received a grant of $29,996 to facilitate development of a circular food system that promotes value-added processing of rural agricultural surplus and by-products to address food waste and food insecurity challenges. The project is funded by the University of Maine System […]

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CBS interviews Pershing about Gulf of Maine warming

CBS News talked with Andrew Pershing, a University of Maine associate professor with the Climate Change Institute, about warming trends in the northern Atlantic Ocean for a story about the Warming Stripes model of climate change. Pershing notes that the waters off the East Coast of the U.S., including the Gulf of Maine, are warming […]

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