Graduate Education

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Master of Quaternary and Climate Studies Degree

The Climate Change Institute offers a Master’s of Science degree in Quaternary and Climate Studies.

Quaternary and Climate Studies Overview

The M.Sc. program provides students with training in the archaeology, biology, climatology and/or geology of the Quarternary Period and contributes to an appreciation of the interaction of these fields towards a better understanding of Quaternary paleoclimatology, paleoecology, and prehistoric archaeology. Many of the courses pertinent to the Quaternary Period are listed under offerings by cooperating departments. Graduate thesis credits are arranged by the staff.

Credit Requirements: A minimum of 30 credits

  • A minimum of 24 class credits
  • A minimum of 6 thesis credits

The exemplary timeline to fulfill program requirements is 4 semesters.

Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Climate Studies

The graduate certificate in Interdisciplinary Climate Studies is designed to provide interdisciplinary climate expertise to people from various disciplines. The educational objectives of this graduate certificate are for students to:

  • Gain an understanding of the Earth’s physical and chemical climate system
  • Gain an understanding of the relationships among climate, ecosystems, and humans
  • Develop basic proficiency with climate analysis tools
  • Strengthen key professional skills in interdisciplinary science, including communication to various audiences, collaborative skills, and proposal development

The graduate certificate in Interdiscplinary Climate Studies has 9 credits of required courses.

Applications can be made through the University of Maine Graduate School.

Independent Doctoral Degree

An Independent Ph.D. degree is available through the Graduate School. Students affiliated with the Institute investigate human and global change, past, present and future. Current graduate students working with CCI faculty can enroll in Ph.D. programs in related UMaine academic units through the Graduate School.


MSc & PhD Degree Options with Affiliated Programs

MSc and PhD degree options are available through affiliated programs to include: School of Earth and Climate Sciences, School of Biology & Ecology, and the Dept of Anthropology and more.   Please see UMaine catalogue for specific degree program requirements.

The Juneau Icefield Research Program

The Juneau Icefield Research Program’s (JIRP) mission is to provide an unrivaled educational and expeditionary experience in the stunning Coast Mountains of Alaska and British Columbia. We give students a wide range of training in Earth sciences, wilderness survival, and mountaineering skills, and provide unique opportunities for team building and personal growth.