Punnary of Graduate Student Presentations

Dan Sandweiss at Salinas de Chao.
Photo by Alice Kelley.Dan Sandweiss at the Salinas de Chao site in north coastal Peru.

Prior to the pandemic, for a number of years CCI faculty member Dan Sandweiss would end the Borns Symposium with a few minutes of puns drawn on several of the presentations. When the Borns Symposium was a weekly only event with 3 or 4 talks per session, Dan did a punning summary of every talk at each session. Since the Borns returned as a full scale live event in 2023, Dan does punning summaries of all oral Borns Symposium Student Presentations. The resulting documents are linked on this page. If there don’t appear to be any puns, one can always look at the corresponding mini-paper for insight.