Tricia Hall

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Aaron Putnam

Office Location: 313 Bryand Global Sciences Center


Biographical Statement:  I earned my B.A. in geology from The College of Wooster, with a focus on the structural evolution of central Utah. I went on to earn my M.S. in earth sciences at The Ohio State University researching climate-tectonic interactions in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. After my master’s, I began working as a consulting hydrogeologist and spent several years working for clients in the Midwest and Western US investigating contaminated sites and managing regulatory requirements. I am passionate about the intersection of science and society, and I thoroughly enjoy thinking about complex Earth processes while getting in some fieldwork in beautiful places. I joined the glacial geology group at UMaine to develop my skills in climate science with a keen focus on helping to bridge the gap to relevant climate policy.


Research Statement:  My broad interests center on reconstructing past behavior of mountain glaciers using field mapping and surface exposure dating in conjunction with glaciological and Earth System models to better understand impacts of abrupt climate change on mountain water towers, which are sources of critical water supplies.