Ligia Naveira

Graduate Research Assistant

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Paul Mayewski

Office Location: Sawyer Environmental Research Building

Biographical Statement:  I grew up in Brazil and I received my B.S. in Geological Engineering from University of Ouro Preto. I continued my education in Norway, and I concluded my Master’s degree in Petroleum Geosciences Engineering at the University of Stavanger. I was employed in the Oil & Gas industry for over five years.  My passion for traveling led me to visit several remote areas around the globe, which allowed me to broaden my perspective of  climate change and the environmental impact in ecosystems and communities. I am particularly fascinated by polar regions and I have keen interest in researching climate change and cryosphere, focused on quantifying environmental changes to further assess the impact in society.  I am a PhD student  working with Dr. Paul Mayewski as a trainee in the Systems Approaches to Understanding and Navigating the New Arctic (SAUNNA) NRT program.