Jiaze Wang

Associate – Climate Change Institute

Assistant Professor, School of Earth & Climate Sciences


Office Location:  121 Bryand Global Science Center


Trained as a geological oceanographer, I have broad interests in biogeochemical cycles in water and sediment, sediment transport, coastal morphology, and delta geology. The core of my research is to understand as many angles as possible of the whole picture of changing climate and earth and to inform sustainable solutions for the climate crisis in the future. 

Multiple approaches have been used in my studies including field sensor observation, wet lab experiments, and numerical modeling. Specifically, one ongoing research is using numerical models to estimate freshwater and saltwater influences on biogeochemical cycles in coastal wetlands, especially on greenhouse gas emission under rising sea level.

My past research also includes microbial explicit model development (Genome-based EmergeNt Ocean Microbial Ecosystem Model – GENOME), coastal morpho-dynamics observation and modeling, river delta evolution, and paleo sea-level reconstruction.