Jeffrey Auger

Graduate Assistant

Advisor: Dr. Paul A. Mayewski


My research at the Climate Change Institute focuses on the past, present, and future climate of the Arctic and North Atlantic regions. Previous research has been on comparing the recent releases of global climate reanalysis systems, such as NCEP/NCAR CFSR (USA), ECMWF ERA-Interim (Europe), NASA MERRA (USA), and JMA JRA-55 (Japan), and on drivers of precipitation variability in southern Greenland, both of which are part of my M.S. thesis. Moving forward, my research will concentrate on how the climate of the North Atlantic sector has evolved over the past 2000 years through investigating proxy, historic, and observational data as well as climate reconstructions and reanalysis systems. I will then focus on the modern climate and how this is expected to change over the next 100 – 200 years through the use of atmospheric models and building modern analogs. Another interest, that will be integrated into my Ph.D. thesis, is on cultures within the Arctic and North Atlantic. Native peoples have survived in the high latitudes of the norther hemisphere for millennia. I will investigate how these cultures evolved through changes in local and global climate and how the future may influence future cultural changes.