Ian Nesbitt

Graduate Research Assistant

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Seth Campbell

Office Location: 119 Sawyer Environmental Research Bldg.,  University of Maine, Orono, ME 044695773.

Biographical Statement: Ian grew up in the Taconic mountains of western Massachusetts. When he wasn’t inside taking apart or fixing small electronics, he was outside training for one of several endurance sports. In high school, Ian earned all-New England and several all-state honors in Nordic skiing, and multiple New England championship wins in both skiing and cycling. Ian attended Williams College for his undergraduate education, where he was an NCAA Division I varsity Nordic skier, Honors geosciences student, and a leader of Williams’ student web services organization. Upon graduation Ian spent a year as a collegiate Nordic ski coach, then three years as a marine geophysical surveyor, where he supervised and conducted surveys with side-scan sonar, shallow seismic reflection, multibeam bathymetric sonar, ground-penetrating radar, and vehicle-mounted LiDAR for numerous small and large-scale survey projects. Most recently, Ian spent a year in Panama as part of a job developing software and providing technical support for a small passive seismic monitoring instrument company. Ian is a fierce and vocal advocate for economic, social, and climate justice.

Research Area Sketch:
Ian primarily investigates geological and climate phenomena using geophysical methods (radar, sonar/seismic, optical). His work focuses on quantifying and classifying sediment in lakes in Maine, but he has worked previously in the waterways of New York City and Boston, on levees in upstate New York and western Massachusetts, in the mountains of Colorado, in the volcanic highlands of western Panama, and on the frozen desert of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Ian is also interested in numerical modeling of ice-ocean-lithosphere-atmosphere interactions and the physical forces that govern them.