Eric Brown

Graduate Research Assistant

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Danielle Levesque

Office Location: Murray 307

Biographical Statement:  My research interests have long been in ecology and conservation. During my undergraduate years at Penn State, I researched the paleobiogeography of Mesozoic shark assemblages from Canada and East Timor and worked for the Purple Martin Conservation Association as a wildlife intern. I then earned my Master’s degree at New Mexico Highlands University studying the genetic connectivity of a metapopulation of imperiled boreal toads in southern Colorado and assisting with a study of the effects of urbanization on caiman populations in south-central Brazil. After some time as an adjunct lecturer at Penn State and a water resources coordinator for the Erie County Planning Department (PA), I’ve routed myself back to the familiar exercise of ecological research.


Research Area  I am a PhD student working in the Levesque Lab to investigate the thermoregulatory physiology and energetics of several small mammal species in Malaysian Borneo. I’ve much to learn from my colleagues and advisor Dr. Danielle Levesque, and I look forward to further investigating the evolution of thermoregulation in mammals and its significance for tropical species facing the impacts of climate change, habitat degradation and fragmentation, and related stressors.