Allie Berry

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Kristin Schild

Office Location:  202 Sawyer Environmental Research Bldg.


Biographical Statement:  I am a PhD student working with Dr. Kristin Schild and studying icebergs. I received a BS in geosciences with a minor in mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania where I focused primarily on structural geology. After my undergraduate degree I spent a few years working in environmental consulting in upstate New York investigating the presence of PFAs in drinking water. While I did enjoy this work I knew my deeper interests were centered around climate change and I wanted to go back to school. To begin this journey I did my masters degree at the University of Arizona where I utilized a large scale global circulation model to better understand the far reaching climatic effects of the deglaciation of the Greenland Ice Sheet. While doing this research I became interested in ice-ocean interactions and improving their dynamics in global circulation models. This led me to where I am now at the ice-ocean lab at the University of Maine!

Research Area:  My broad research interests include ice-ocean interactions and dynamics within the cryosphere. My current research focuses on icebergs and constraining their freshwater flux. We use a combination of physical and remotely sensed data to better understand and estimate iceberg geometries, which in return can tell us about the amount of freshwater they will put into the oceans. With this information we can then update existing models to more accurately represent these parameterizations.