Bailey McLaughlin

Graduate Research Assistant

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Brian McGill

Office Location:  Deering Hall 304, University of Maine

Biographical Statement:  I am originally from New York, where I spent much of my childhood years exploring the marine environment of Long Island’s Great South Bay. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Brown University, where I studied Environmental Science focused on Conservation Science and Policy. At Brown, I worked with Dr. Dov Sax on a senior thesis project investigating tree species’ range dynamics and dispersal syndromes in the United States. After graduation, I spent two years working in the Sax Lab as a Research Assistant, continuing to pursue my interests in ecology, biogeography, and conservation biology before finding myself here at The University of Maine. At UMaine, I work with Dr. Brian McGill studying macroecology and biogeography while pursuing my PhD in Ecology and Environmental Sciences.


Research Area: I am broadly interested in understanding how biodiversity is impacted by global change. In the McGill Lab, I investigate whether and how tree species’ change their geographic distributions across space and through time by conducting macroecological assessments that integrate data sources across scales. I hope to use this information to understand what structures tree species’ distributions and how tree species might respond to ongoing global change.