Avery Lamb

Graduate Research Assistant

Faculty Advisor(: Dr. Jasmine Saros

Office Location: 206B Sawyer Environmental Research Building University of Maine, Orono, 04469

Biographical Statement: From Alabama, U.S.A., I received my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Environmental Science from Auburn University. After finding my passion for paleolimnological studies, my Master’s research focused on studying nutrient dynamics and cyanobacterial parameters on a multi-lake scale to identify the possible trends and drivers of cyanotoxin occurrence in subtropical Florida lakes.

Research Area: During my PhD degree, I am continuing to study harmful cyanobacterial blooms in Maine lakes through the paleo-sediment record. Specifically, I will focus on the effects of winter warming on the occurrence of historic cyanotoxin-producing species by identifying and quantifying photosynthetic pigments and sedimentary environmental DNA (eDNA) during the past ~150 years.