Anna Olsen

Graduate Research Assistant

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Gregory Zaro


Biographical Statement: 

The intersection of culture and ecology is a defining relationship in the world’s past, present and future. My interests lie in understanding and experiencing the embeddedness of such intersected fields of study and using it to interpret, understand and address current issues involving space, landscape and cultural evolution and how it can be sustained, maintained and improved. With a background in Archaeology, International Affairs (B.A. minor) and Biology (B.A. minor), I am applying my skill-set towards local efforts to maintain and adapt human behavior that honors both land, peoples and practices. I am advised by Dr. Gregory Zaro in the Department of Anthropology and have worked closely with both Dr. Daniel Sandweiss and Dr. Kreg Ettenger in both anthropological education and oral histories located in the Northern territories of the State of Maine. 


Research Area:

Anthropology and Environmental Policy Masters Student: human dimensions and participation in ecological landscapes. My undergraduate research was in the archaeological site of Nadin-Gradina, Croatia with Dr. Gregory Zaro seeking to explore and relate past human adaptations to climate change. My current work is in oral history preservation for the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument as an independent learned professional.