Alexander Audet

Graduate Research Assistant

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Aaron Putnam

Office Location: 105 Bryand Global Sciences Center, University of Maine, Orono, ME 044695773.

Biographical Statement: I grew up in the midwest and moved to Maine 8 years ago in the middle of high school. Since then, I have gone to the University of Maine to study forestry and Earth science and have obtained a B.S. in Earth and Climate Sciences and a Masters of Forestry. In my free time I can either be found paddling my canoe or cross country skiing depending on the time of year. I hope to continue to explore our Earth throughout my career by understanding all the complex interconnections that fascinate me on a daily basis.

Research Area Sketch:  I am a master’s student working with Professor Aaron Putnam and remotely with Professor Joellen Russell from the University of Arizona. My work focuses on correlating mountain glacial snowline records captured by mass balance surveys and oblique aerial photography with the behavior of zonal wind systems from climate reanalysis datasets. Currently, I am examining the relationship between snowlines across mountain ranges (such as the Southern and European Alps) and the mid-latitude Westerlies. We hope by understanding the relationship between glaciers and atmospheric circulation that we can tell something about the behavior of these important winds systems during the Holocene and the Last Glacial Termination.

Figure Caption. Correlation between the Southern Alps Snowlines PC1 and austral summer ERA5 reanalysis temperature (a) and wind speeds (b) at 500 mb. Visualized using PyFerret.