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Dr. Gabe Hrynick Lecture:  The Devil’s Head Site and the Late Woodland (Ceramic) to Contact Period Transition in Downeast Maine – September 21, 2020.


Dr. Nirav Shah (Director, Maine CDC) speaks to Dr. Aaron Putnam’s ERS 152 class




High Achievers  – What’s it like on Everest? – The University of Maine’s Role in the National Geographic and Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Extreme Expedition to Mount Everest

November 2019 Presentation by Dr. Paul Mayewski and UMaine expedition participants.  For additional information, read the National Geographic and UMaine Today stories.

Journey Into Climate – Appalachian State University

March 2018 Presentation by Dr. Paul Mayewski

Ice Core, Memory of the Planet – Rockland, Maine

CHATTERMARK Interview with Dr. Paul Mayewski

IPCC versus NIPCC2

Dr. Paul Mayewski discusses the different approaches between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Heartland Institute’s Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change.

Climate Change: Scientific Evidence or Alternative “Facts”

Dr. Paul Mayewski lecture – Collins Center for the Arts, University of Maine

Rio+20 United Nations Conference Interview

Interview with Dr. Paul Mayewski

Memorial Video Tribute: Professor Gordon Hamilton

A video tribute in memory of University of Maine Professor Gordon Hamilton.  Dr. Hamilton, a University of Maine faculty member in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences, and a researcher with the Climate Change Institute, died in a field accident while conducting research in Antarctica. He was 50 years old.

40 Years of Climate Change Research

Paul A. Mayewski

Daniel Sandweiss

George Jacobson

Gordon Hamilton

Stephen Norton

Ivan Fernandez

Peter Koons

Joseph Kelley

James Fastook

Hal Borns

Brian Olsen