Understanding the Impacts of Pleistocene Megaherbivores on Ecosystem Stability in Alaska

Expedition Location:  Kiana & Andy Lake, Alaska Expedition Dates:  March 31 – April 17, 2024   Field Team Members: *Alessandro Mereghetti1, Dr. Dulcinea V. Groff2, Joseph Boots-Ebenfield1, Kaitlyn Gerstler2, Shannon Thompson 1, Glenn Miller 1 University of Maine, Climate Change Institute             2 University of Wyoming Funding Support:  Dan & Betty Churchill Exploration Fund, NSF CAREER […]

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Group Photo on Cordillera Darwin

Determining Driving Mechanisms of the Last Ice-Age Termination in South America

Expedition Location:  Cordillera Darwin, Chile Expedition Dates:  March 1 – April 7, 2024 Field Team Members:  Sera Thomas (MS Student, UMaine), Meghan Spoth (Phd Student, UMaine), Maraina Miles (Phd Student, UMaine), Annika Schmidt (MS Student, Northwestern University), Dr. Rodrigo Sotores (Postdoc, University of Magallanes), Dr. Brenda Hall (Co-PI, UMaine), Dr. Thomas Lowell (Co-PI, University of […]

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Co-creating research agendas toward a holistic, community-led terrestrial monitoring transect in West Greenland

Expedition Location:  Sisimiut – Sarfannguit – Kangerlussuaq – Nuuk, West Greenland Expedition Dates:  November 1 – 10, 2023 Field Team Members:  Clay Prater (University of Arkansas), Vendy Hazukova (CCI, UMaine), Federica Scarpa (Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network), and Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen (Danish Technical University) Funding Support:  International Arctic Science Committee  Background and Significance: Development in the Arctic […]

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Meghan taking a water sample from Baboon Lake.

Modern Plant Wax Calibration for Paleoclimate Reconstruction in the Sierra Nevada

Expedition Location:  Inyo National Forest, California Expedition Dates:  September 25-29, 2023 Field Team Members:  Meghan Spoth  (PhD Student, UMaine), Maraina Miles (PhD Student, UMaine) Funding Support:  Dan & Betty Churchill Exploration Fund Research Background: What drives droughts in the American West? The position of the westerly winds may influence precipitation amount and pattern in the […]

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Assessing temporal patterns and ecosystem consequences of biogeochemical change in glacially fed lakes in Western Norway

Expedition Location: Vestland, Norway Expedition Dates: August 29th 2023 – September 29th 2023 Field Team Members:  Ansley Grider  (MS Student, UMaine) Field Trip Leader, Jasmine Saros (Professor, UMaine) Funding Support: Dan & Betty Churchill Exploration Fund Background & Significance: Glaciers are located at an interface between the atmospheric and terrestrial environments, making them potential hot […]

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Developing a 10Be moraine chronology for late-glacial resurgence of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet in Lysefjord, southwestern Norway

Expedition Location: Lysefjord, southwestern Norway Expedition Dates: August 2023 Field Team Members:  Tricia Hall Collins  (PhD Student, UMaine) Field Trip Leader, Katie Westbrook (MS Student, UMaine), and Dr. Aaron Putnam (UMaine). Funding Support: The Robert and Judith Sturgis Family Foundation   Background & Study Area: I completed fieldwork in Lysefjord (figure 1) in southwestern Norway […]

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Photo of Renee Clavette setting up GPR system.

Evaluating the Spatial Distribution and Continuity of Snow and Firn Stratigraphy

Expedition Location: Eclipse Icefield, Kluane National Park and Reserve, Yukon, Canada Expedition Dates: June 2023 Field Team Members:  Renée Clavette (PhD Student, UMaine) Field Trip Leader, Inga Kindstedt (PhD Candidate, UMaine), Emma Erwin (PhD Student, UMaine), Kailey Mannello (Master’s Student, UMaine). Funding Support: Churchill Exploration Fund, UMaine Graduate Student Government, The Golden Family Foundation – […]

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Pilot survey and selection of geoarchaeological records and metal-ore processing sites in the high elevation Svaneti region of the Caucasus for potential paleoclimate and macro-economic reconstructions from Ice Cores

Expedition Location: Svaneti, Georgia Expedition Dates: July 2023 Field Team Members: Lizi Gadrani 1,2*, Mikheil Elashvili3, Anca Dan4 1Climate Change Institute, University of Maine 2School of Earth and Climate Sciences, University of Maine 3Cultural Heritage and Environmental Research Center, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia 4CNRS, École Normale Supérieure, Paris, France Funding Support: The Robert and […]

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2023 Denali Geophysics Field Team

Constraining the Spatial Distribution of Snowpack Properties of the Kahiltna Glacier and Begguya Plateau in Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

Expedition Location: Denali National Park, Alaska Expedition Dates: June 8, 2023 – July 14, 2023 Field Team Members: Keegan Bellamy (MS Student, UMaine), Emma Erwin (PhD student, UMaine), Claire Bicknell (BS Student, Alaska Pacific University) Funding Support: The Robert and Judith Sturgis Family Foundation   Research Background: This project expands previous geophysical studies conducted in […]

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Reconstructing the Paleotempestology Record from the Tibes Indigenous Ceremonial Center at Ponce, Puerto Rico

Expedition Location: Ponce, Puerto Rico Expedition Dates: June 12 – 18, 2023 Field Team Members: Karina M. Cortijo-Robles (Researcher), Elizabeth Leclerc (Research Assistant), and Mariana Z. Aguirre Rodriguez (Volunteer) Funding Support: The Robert and Judith Sturgis Family Foundation   Background & Significance: Tibes, on the south side of Puerto Rico, is one of the best-preserved […]

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