Newsom discusses Center for Braiding Indigenous Knowledges and Science in ‘On Point’ segment

WBUR interviewed Bonnie Newsom, University of Maine associate professor of anthropology, about the Center for Braiding Indigenous Knowledges and Science (CBIKS) for a segment of the show “On Point.” The center, based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, will conduct transdisciplinary, placed-based research projects that intertwine Native and Western knowledge systems in collaboration with Indigenous communities, scientists, governments, industry partners and nonprofits around the world. The National Science Foundation awarded $30 million for it. Newsom is one of the co-principal investigators for establishing the CBIKS, and will co-lead the Northeast hub of it at UMaine with Darren Ranco, professor of anthropology and chair of Native American Programs, and John Daigle, professor of forest recreation management.