2023 Faculty Research Funds Award recipients announced – B. Hall

The Faculty Research Fund provides support to faculty to establish, maintain, or advance high-quality research, scholarly, and creative activity programs. Awards are made once a year through a competitive process managed by the Office of Research Development and funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School (OVPRDGS).

The Faculty Research Fund Committee reviews and evaluates applications and makes award recommendations for OVPRDGS approval. The competition is open to full-time faculty from the University of Maine and the University of Maine at Machias.

Applications were accepted under three categories: the Regular Faculty Research Award, the Summer Research Award, and the Scholarly Equipment and Materials Award.

The Regular Faculty Research Award supports research or scholarly activity directed towards a defined outcome deliverable in one year. The Summer Faculty Research Award provides summer salary support to ensure dedicated time for research and the Scholarly Equipment and Materials Award provides for equipment, library collections, or other materials to facilitate the advancement of research. This year, nine recipients received awards out of the eighteen applications received. The projects selected for funding are as follows:

Regular Faculty Research Award

  • Brenda Hall, Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences. “The timing of mountain glaciation in the western United States: Implications for the cause of ice-age cycles.”

Summer Faculty Research Awards

  • James (Robby) Finley, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. “Developing and Defending a Pragmatist Theory of Logic.”
  • Hamish Greig, Associate Professor of Stream Ecology, School of Biology and Ecology.  “Linking the mechanisms of predator and prey responses to climate change  in high elevation wetlands.”
  • Hao Hong, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. “An Adequate, Loyal, and Systematic Interpretation of the Dao in Dao De Jing.”
  • Amanda Klemmer, Assistant Professor of Landscape Ecology, School of Biology and Ecology. “Land-water connections in high elevation ponds:  How does a range expanding species alter meta-ecosystems?”
  • Zachary Ludington, Associate Professor of Spanish, Modern Languages and Classics. “Pessoa, Pastoral, Perspective.”
  • Rebecca MacAulay, Associate Professor of Psychology. “Feasibility and preliminary efficacy of mindfulness as an intervention for cognitive decline in older adults.”
  • Kara Peruccio, Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. “Suffrage Mediterranean Style: Authoritarianism, Feminism, and Transnational Activism, 1920-1935.”
  • Qiujie Zheng, Associate Professor of Business Analytics, Maine Business School. “Household food waste behavior during COVID-19: Investigating socioeconomic and environmental factors.”

No awards were made in the Scholarly Equipment and Materials category this year.