Fernandez, Klein speak to Maine Monitor about heat pumps

The Maine Monitor featured Ivan Fernandez, professor at the School of Forest Resources and Climate Change Institute, and Sharon Klein, associate professor at the School of Economics, in an article about the push for heat pumps and weatherization in Maine homes. “Everything we do, every increment we do, counts. I think we need to do this transition in a relatively quick way, recognizing that it will be imperfect, and spending a good part of our focus on realistic, data-driven, science-driven tracking of where we are at, so we’re not telling ourselves fables that aren’t substantiated by the science,” Fernandez said. “There are communities who really do have the need to fund heat pumps beyond what Efficiency Maine is providing. Because there’s still that last piece of it where money still needs to be put up, and some people don’t have that money,” Klein said.