2022-23 CUGR and MSGC Academic Year Graduate Fellowship Recipients Announced – H. Brooks

The University of Maine’s Center for Undergraduate Research (CUGR) has announced the 2022-23 CUGR and Maine Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) academic year graduate fellowship winners.

The CUGR Research and Creative Activities fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate and graduate student involvement in faculty-supervised research and are supported through the office of the Vice President for Research. Each fellowship provides $3,000 per graduate student for costs associated with the project.

The 2022-23 Academic Year MSGC Graduate Research Fellowship awards help provide research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students in aerospace technology, space science, human exploration and space development, Earth science and other science- or engineering-related fields. The focus of proposed projects funded by the fellowships must be aligned with the research priorities of NASA’s Earth and space science strategic enterprises.

This year’s recipients are:

2022-23 Academic Year CUGR and MSGC Research and Creative Activities Graduate Fellowship 

  • Hanna Brooks, Earth and Climate Science, “Evaluating Asian Policy- and Pandemic-Related Emissions Impacts Using Ice Core Pb Concentration and Isotope Ratio Data from Begguya (Mt. Hunter) ~800 – 2022 CE,” advised by Karl Kreutz
  • Zachary Doherty, Civil and Environmental Engineering, “Pilot-Scale Comparison of Novel Nanobubble Aeration to Membrane Diffuser-Based Wastewater Treatment Technologies,” advised by Onur Apul
  • Victoria Niedzinksi, Earth and Climate Science, “Estimating CH4 emissions over peatlands by correlating multispectral imaging of Sphagnum moss reflectance with a groundwater model,” advised by Andrew Reeve
  • Stephanie Willsey, Forest Resources, “Developing an enhanced forest inventory in Maine using airborne laser scanning: The role of calibration plot design and data quality,” advised by Daniel Hayes