2022 Maine Space Grant Awardees – E. Erwin, S. Braddock, M. Mannello, and J. Maurer

Four graduate students affiliated with CCI, Emma Erwin (PhD student), Scott Braddock (PhD candidate), Mikaila Mannello (MS student and CCI RA), and Jonathan Maurer (MS student) were each awarded a Maine Space Grant to conduct research in Alaska and Canada during the summer of 2022. Scott and Emma are working together in Denali National Park, Alaska. Scott is collecting geophysical data which will be used to better understand glacier structure of Kahiltna Glacier which is the longest mountain glacier in North America. Emma is collecting glacier deformation data at a site where a previous UMaine team led by Dr. Karl Kreutz collected a surface-to-bedrock ice core from Mount Hunter in 2013. Emma’s data will be used to refine age estimates of chemistry data acquired from the ice core. Mikaila and Jonathan are working together in Kluane National Park collecting geophysical radar data along an 80 km long traverse down the Bering Glacier within the Bagley Icefield on the flanks of Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada. This data will provide critical information about the snow and firn structure of one of the largest mountain glacier systems on Earth.

Also here is a pic from all but one of the UMaine crew that participated in the Juneau Icefield last season (2021). The students who were awarded grants this year for 2022 were Scott Braddock (first on the left), Emma Erwin (3rd from the left), Jon Maurer (4th from the left), and Mikaila Mannello (6th from the left).

Also note, Jordan Farnsworth (5th from left), Emily Holt (4th from the right), Mike Keedy (right most), and Maxwell Burtis (not in photo) were awarded Center for Undergrad Research awards in 2021 to go to JIRP and participate in research as well.

Scott Braddock (PhD Candidate, ECS and CCI, current)
Annie Boucher (JIRP Program Manager and UMaine MS student, ECS and CCI)
Emma Erwin (PhD Student, ECS and CCI)
Jonathan Maurer (MS Student, Earth & Climate Sciences, graduating spring 2022)
Jordan Farnsworth (BS Earth & Climate Sciences student starting SAUNNA NRT in Fall 2022)
Mikaila Mannello (MS Student and CCI RA)
Emily Holt (BS Earth & Climate Sciences student, graduating spring 2022)
Seth Campbell (Assistant Professor, UMaine CCI and ECS)
Ben Partan (MS CCI alumni – Previous Advisor: Gordon Hamilton)
Michael Keedy (BS Earth & Climate Sciences, graduated December 2021)
Missing: Maxwell Burtis (BS Engineering, graduating in May 2022 and Salutatorian for UMaine)