Comer Family Foundation interviews Denton about legacy of research, teaching

The Comer Family Foundation interviewed George Denton about his legacy of research and instruction. The University of Maine Libra Professor of Geological Sciences with the School of Earth and Climate Sciences and the Climate Change Institute has spent years tackling large research questions surrounding abrupt climate change, particularly “the history of glaciers seeking clues as to when, why, and how they transform,” according to the foundation’s story about his work. He has also dedicated himself to training the next generation of scientists through his classes at UMaine. “Get the young people deeply involved in the research. “Once they’re deeply involved, they learn fast and they come up with new ideas,” Denton said. The foundation also spoke with former students and current UMaine faculty Brenda Hall, professor of glacial geology in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences and the CCI, and Aaron Putnam, an assistant professor in the School of Earth and Climate Sciences and CCI, about Denton’s work and influence. “The beauty of it is he really teaches people how to become independent thinkers, not just to learn a method or something, but really to think about how the world works,” Putnam said. The foundation, which finances efforts to advance healthcare, education, environmental science and culture, has helped fund research expeditions for Denton and his students, and founder Gary Comer created the Comer Fellowship with the UMaine Libra Professor.