‘The Maine Question’ talks with Gill about consequences of extinctions

The latest episode of The Maine Question asks whether studying extinct species can prepare us for the future.

Jacquelyn Gill, who also studies survivors of the last ice age, thinks so.

To travel back in time, this paleoecologist has crawled into a Siberian permafrost caves to examine a 40,000-year-old mummified lion cub. She’s also excited for an upcoming NASA project that explores why ferns survived the asteroid strike that killed dinosaurs.

Gill hosts a popular podcast — Warm Regards— about the human effects of climate change. Her research and approach resonate with many — @JacquelynGill has nearly 87,000 Twitter followers. This first-generation college student says she’s compelled to give back to the community, widen the path for others, and show youth that they can be a scientist, too.

Listen to Gill’s wide-ranging conversation with Ron Lisnet about “mammothy” elephants, rewilding, science communication and why she uses the lens of the past to understand and prepare for a warmer future.

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