Jan. 29 Maine Climate Council meeting will be live streamed

The second meeting of the Maine Climate Council on Jan. 29 in Augusta will focus on a report from the Science and Technical Subcommittee about the effects of climate change in the state. The subcommittee’s work in the past four months provides the initial scientific basis for the ongoing deliberations of the various working groups, according to University of Maine professor Ivan Fernandez, who serves on the Maine Climate Council and co-chairs the Science and Technical Subcommittee. The subcommittee will continue its work in 2020 in support of the development of working group recommendations due later this year.

The Maine Climate Council meeting will be live streamed.

In September it was announced that numerous experts from UMaine and University of Maine at Machias had been tapped to serve on the Science and Technical Subcommittee, as well as working groups. Nearly half of the 28-member Science and Technical Subcommittee members are from UMaine and UMM.