Medical Daily interviews Lyon about heat wave study

Medical Daily interviewed Bradfield Lyon, associate research professor with the UMaine Climate Change Institute and School of Earth and Climate Sciences, about his recent study on heat waves. The average spatial extent of summer heat waves in the United States could be up to 80% larger than today if greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated, according to the study. “As the physical size of these affected regions increases, more people will be exposed to heat stress,” said Lyon. “Larger heat waves would also increase electrical loads and peak energy demand on the grid as more people and businesses turn on air conditioning in response.” While previous research generally calculated heat wave statistics at the local level, this study followed heat waves and quantified their attributes as connected regions that migrate and change in size and strength over their lifetime, according to Medical Daily. “Heat wave size is another dimension of extreme heat that people don’t necessarily think of,” said Lyon. “It’s a different vantage point from which to view them and assess their impacts.” Mainebiz and India Today also reported on the study.