Koehler, Fernandez cited in Press Herald ‘Maine Gardener’ column on climate change

Glen Koehler, an associate scientist with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and Ivan Fernandez, a professor of soil science at UMaine, were cited in the latest column in the Portland Press Herald “Maine Gardener” series. The article, “Climate change comes to your own backyard,” looked at what gardeners can do to keep plants healthy and thriving despite the heat and extremes. “The things you are going to want to do are mostly good things to do even if weather wasn’t changing,” said Koehler, who specializes in pest management and fruit trees. “The need for these good-farming practices just becomes more intense.” Good, healthy soil is a top priority, according to the article. Fernandez, Distinguished Maine Professor in the School of Forest Resources, Climate Change Institute, and School of Food and Agriculture, said the key is to make sure soil has lots of organic matter. “More organic matter in the soil means that there is less carbon in the atmosphere,” Fernandez said, adding that atmospheric carbon is a major contributor to warming temperatures. Centralmaine.com also published the article.