Press Herald cites CCI in article on study predicting more ‘extreme heat’ days

The Portland Press Herald cited the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine in an article about a new climate report from the Union of Concerned Scientists that predicts Maine could see more “extreme heat” events in the near future. The report predicts a more than 10-fold increase in the number of 90-plus degree days by midcentury, and up to 11 days when the temperature tops 100 degrees by the end of the century. A 2018 CCI study, titled “Coastal Maine Climate Futures,” noted that factors such as volcanic eruptions, more El Nino weather patterns and the collapse of Arctic sea ice will affect what happens in agriculture and fisheries along Maine’s coastal areas, according to the article. “In closing, the key message is that Maine should expect significant environmental changes as human and other factors create increased instability in the climate system,” the report states. “We suggest that the best approach to planning, adapting to and operating successfully within uncertainty is to be prepared for a variety of changes.”