Follow a Researcher® highlights UMaine student studying iceberg melt

Maine 4-H Follow a Researcher® returns for a sixth season with University of Maine graduate student researchers.

From 1–2 p.m. May 2, UMaine Earth and climate sciences master’s student Mariama Dryak will be available on Twitter to chat with students and teachers about her studies using satellites to track iceberg melt in Antarctica.

Dryak will be online to answer questions about her research, the research process, life at UMaine, and other questions participants may be curious about. Her current research involves using satellite imagery to measure how icebergs are melting around Antarctica. Measuring iceberg melt can help improve understanding of changing ocean conditions, including temperature and velocity, and how these changes might affect glacier systems on nearby land. Melting glaciers can affect ocean circulation, marine ecosystems and sea level rise.

Participants can join the latest expedition by signing up online; live Twitter sessions use the hashtag #UMaineFAR. Informational videos and updated tweets from @UMaineFAR also are available.

Follow a Researcher®, a University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H program, uses social media to connect teachers and students with UMaine graduate students to promote curiosity and learning about science and scientific research. For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation, call 581.3292 or email