Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP)

The University of Maine has recently partnered with the non-profit 503(c) Foundation for Glacier & Environmental Research to run the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) as a 6-credit summer field course through the School of Earth and Climate Sciences (SECS).  The JIRP Director of Academics & Research, Seth Campbell, is an Assistant Professor within the UMaine Climate Change Institute (CCI) and SECS.  JIRP’s focus is on 1) training the next generation of scientists to help solve major environmental issues such as climate change, and 2) conducting cutting-edge research in glacier and mountain environments of interest and benefit to society. The missions of SECS, CCI, and JIRP are closely aligned, thereby providing an excellent opportunity to leverage resources of each as we aspire towards these common goals.  JIRP has a tremendous legacy as the longest operating glaciological and climate field research and education program in North America.  Since 1946, it has been on the front line inspiring new scientists, environmentalists, science policy advocates, and educators.  JIRP is unique relative to most academic programs because faculty affiliated with dozens of institutions participate each summer, thereby providing a tremendous opportunity for broad collaboration and societal impact.  JIRP is developing into a thriving global community science research and education resource.  This new partnership is a monumental step which we hope will provide many new opportunities for our undergraduate students, graduate students, educators, and researchers at SECS, CCI, other programs within the UMaine system, and throughout the United States.  Several students and faculty from UMaine have participated in JIRP during prior years and we expect this participation to increase through this new affiliation.  For more information about JIRP and potential opportunities through this exciting new relationship, please contact Seth directly at scampb64@maine.edu or 207-581-3927.Expedition Date: SEPTEMBER 2018