A Lesson in Advocacy – Celebrating a Turning Point in UMaine’s History – G. Jacobson, S. Norton et al.


Twenty years ago, five UMaine faculty members convinced policy makers and tax payers to invest in university-based research as part of a larger strategy to build Maine’s economy.  The ‘Faculty Five’ as they became know, were highly regarded tenured faculty from the five academic disciplines: Dr. George Jacobson (Professor of Biology, Ecology, and Climate Change), Dr. Stephen Norton (Professor of Earth Sciences), Dr. George Markowsky (Professor of Computer Science), Dr. Malcom Hunter (Professor of Wildlife Ecology) and Dr. David Smith (Professor of History).  A forthcoming book about UMaine’s past 50 years highlights their efforts as a transformative part of the university’s history.  (Contributing Author:  Pauleena MacDougall.)


Below is a pdf of the article that appears in the Fall 2018 edition of the Maine Alumni Magazine.  (Courtesy:  Maine Alumni Magazine.)