Media feature Climate Reanalyzer map in reports on July, August heat waves

The University of Maine Climate Change Institute’s Climate Reanalyzer was featured in reports by The Barents Observer and the Metro about heat waves in July and August. This summer, exceptionally high temperatures have become the standard for areas north of the Arctic Circle, The Barents Observer states. The Climate Reanalyzer map labels areas that show temperature anomalies red, and the darker the red, the hotter the area is than normal. Northern Europe was shown to be warmer than normal on Aug. 1, with the darkest region being North Calotte in the northernmost part of Scandinavia. Temperature records have been set for July, including an increase of 4 degrees Celsius higher than normal for the entire country of Norway, according to Norway’s Meteorological Institute. Murmansk, Russia reached 30.2 degrees Celsius on Aug. 1, the highest August temperature ever recorded. A glacier in Northern Sweden has been melting 14 centimeters per day. Temperatures for the beginning of August in the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal were projected to reach anywhere from mid-20s Celsius to 48 degrees Celsius, according to the Metro.