Climate Reanalyzer featured at UN climate negotiations

This year, two CCI faculty and two CCI graduate students are attending the annual UN climate negotiations as part of the first-ever UMaine/Climate Change Institute delegation.

Dr. Aaron Strong (CCI/School of Marine Sciences) is studying the incorporation of ocean and coastal issues in the negotiations and is also tracking issues of climate justice in climate adaptation negotiations. Dr. Cindy Isenhour (CCI/Anthropology) is studying the underlying assumptions of emissions accounting rules and how the circular and reuse economies are considered. Anna McGinn (Graduate Student CCI/SPIA) is studying finance mechanisms for climate adaptation, and Will Kochtitzky (Graduate Student CCI) is tracking the treatment of climate science and the cryosphere in the talks.

In addition to observing the countries of the world negotiating the specific finance, emissions accounting, and transparency rules required to implement the Paris Agreement, the annual “Conference of the Parties” is a chance for world experts in all facets of climate science and policy to come together to share ideas, insights and tools. For example, Dr. Strong will be presenting at a panel hosted by The Nature Conservancy and featuring the Environment Minister from Norway and representatives from the Governor’s Office of Washington State entitled “The Big Sink” focused on carbon sequestration solutions on Wednesday.

And, over the past weekend, at the mid-point of the talks, the CCI delegation showcased Climate Reanalyzer in the exhibition hall, highlighting its functionality for quickly visualizing regional-scale climate change. People from around the world were able to try out Climate Reanalyzer and explore its many uses.

Follow the UMaine/CCI team at the negotiations at and on Twitter at #CCIatCOP and #UMaineClimate

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