Visiting Professor launches new TV documentary on climate change

Siwan Davies, a Visiting Professor at the University of Maine, launches a new documentary series on the effects of climate change on the Welsh TV channel S4C. The series “Her yr Hinsawdd” (Climate Challenge) follows Siwan’s personal journey to meet communities that are feeling the brunt of climate change and their efforts to adapt and prepare for the future. Mbale, Uganda is the first destination in the six-part series before moving to Costa Rica, California (including the AGU), Svalbard and Norway. The series is produced by Telesgop and episodes are available with subtitles (right hand corner of screen) at


Siwan is based at Swansea University (Wales) and is a Fulbright Scholar at Maine and her research focus is the relationship between volcanic forcing and climate. Fulbright is one of the most prestigious and impactful scholarship programmes in the world, and will enable Siwan to work with a team of climate and volcanism experts at the Climate Change Institute. During her six-month visit, she will examine microscopic traces of volcanic ash deposits preserved within the polar ice-cores retrieved from the Antarctic and Greenland ice-sheets to pinpoint the source of large eruptions and determine their climatic impact. She is collaborating with Andrei Kurbatov and Paul Mayewski.

Siwan Davies with new friends