Free Press covers Climate Change Institute art exhibit

The Free Press reported on an exhibit at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center in Belfast that features photography and artwork illustrating the diverse research activities of students, faculty and staff of UMaine’s Climate Change Institute. About two-thirds of the art exhibitors are current or former CCI students, including Jill Pelto, whose watercolors have been used to illustrate the international State of the Climate report and other publications, and Mariusz Potocki, a contributing photographer for National Geographic, the article states. Molly Schauffler, the science program coordinator at the Hutchinson Center, suggested the exhibit idea to the CCI, according to the article. “I tell people about the art of climate science and they say, ‘How depressing,’” she said. “They think of it kind of like the way they think about going on a diet: something they don’t really want to do, even though they know they should. This exhibit isn’t like that. This is about exploration and discovery.” “The Art of Climate Science” runs through 09 . 29 in the H. Allen and Sally Fernald Art Gallery.