Press Herald publishes feature on Hall, glacier research

The Portland Press Herald published a feature article on Brenda Hall, a glacial geology professor at the University of Maine, as part of its “Meet” series. The Press Herald interviewed Hall about “her journey from growing up in Standish to being a globe-trotting expert on glacial geology and the stability of ice sheets.” Hall, a researcher with UMaine’s Climate Change Institute, has been on 27 polar expeditions and recently returned from a six-week trip in Antarctica, according to the article. Hall said her love of glaciers started when she was 10 or 11 and found a book on the subject. “It captured my imagination at the time,” she said. Her recent trip took her to a glacier she had never been to before, where “we found that there is actually quite a bit of plant life in these parts,” she said. “We 05 have found the most southern moss ever recorded.”