Putnam presents at climate change conference, Medill News Service reports

Medill News Service reported on the 2016 Comer Abrupt Climate Change Conference in Chicago, where Aaron Putnam, an assistant professor of Earth sciences with the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute, gave a presentation on his research in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains. Putnam and a team of researchers spent six weeks collecting boulder samples in the Potanin Glacier Valley. The scientists are mapping the retreat of glaciers in the area, as they try to figure out what caused the last ice age to end 20,000 years ago, according to the report. George Denton, the Libra Professor of Geological Sciences at UMaine, also was mentioned in the article for his role in creating a fellowship program to support research on the causes and consequences of abrupt climate change. Since 2003, more than 300 papers have been published by Comer Fellows in peer-reviewed journals, the article states.