UMaine Extension 4-H connects students with researcher in Antarctica – L. Kaluzienski

This fall, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H will again connect youth with a graduate student conducting fieldwork in a remote location as part of its Follow a Researcher™ program.

The program’s third expedition will take place in Antarctica with Lynn Kaluzienski, a Ph.D. student in UMaine’s Department of Earth and Climate Sciences and Climate Change Institute. Kaluzienski will use physics and geology to study ice and glacial movement in the McMurdo shear zone in 10 ober and November.

Using technology and social media, Follow a Researcher™ connects K–12 classrooms with research as it is being conducted around the globe. The program gives students a glimpse into a scientist’s world by providing live expedition updates and facilitating communication between the youth and scientist through weekly Twitter chats and videos describing the research aligned with Next Generation Science Standards Practices.

The program also provides recommendations for educators on related demonstrations and experiential learning activities.

Including this year’s participants, the program has reached more than 150 classrooms, engaging more than 3,000 youth in 12 states.

Additional information about the program, including how to sign up to receive updates, is online.