Gill, climate change research focus of New York Times blog post

Jacquelyn Gill, a paleoecologist at the University of Maine, was the focus of a New York Times blog post by Andrew Revkin, a veteran environment writer for the paper. Revkin cited Gill’s work “achieving lead-author status as a graduate student in 2009 on a much-cited paper in Science that shed light on what did, and didn’t, contribute to the great die-off of mammoths and other ‘megafauna’ in North America as the last ice age ended.” He added that she’s “just as talented at communicating science and its significance in clear and compelling ways.” Gill, Revkin and meteorologist Eric Holthaus, who writes for Pacific Standard, co-host “Warm Regards,” a new podcast that focuses on climate change and humanity’s role in shaping it. The latest episode is included in the blog post.